Biennale Architettura 2016
La Biennale di Venezia
Pabellón español
Spanish pavilion

Single family house in Tebra

Guadalupe Piñera Manso y Jesús Irisarri Castro

Single family house in Tebra
Guadalupe Piñera Manso y Jesús Irisarri Castro

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The prior character of the spaces in the ruins was more introverted and brings the most intimate moments to the domestic spaces, and the ones that contrast most with the exterior, like the open courtyards that were generated by the walls and the process of the ruin. A continuum of intermediate spaces of new construction joins their diverse states of conservation and the character of their position-orientation, bringing complementary spaces to the project. The generation of different filters for control, climate, light and privacy is explored, like a system of articulations connecting landscapes and moments.
The remains of the existing building are treated like a consolidated ruin, with concrete walls and slabs that evoke the original volume, emphasizing the closed character of the former structure. The most private areas have a certain independence at their extremes, and between them they envelope a continuous space that adapts to the topography.


Single family house in Tebra

O Casal, San Salvador de Tebra, Tomiño (Pontevedra)

Guadalupe Piñera Manso + Jesus Irisarri Castro

Project team:
Exinor S.L, instalaciones; Ibinco S.L., estructuras; Manuel Tabeada Acevedo, technical architect.

290 m2

Santos-Diez. Yoshio Futagawa. Manuel G. Vicente. Irisarri-Piñera.