Biennale Architettura 2016
La Biennale di Venezia
Pabellón español
Spanish pavilion

Granada school of architecture

Víctor López Cotelo

Granada school of architecture
Víctor López Cotelo

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This complex was formed through a protracted transformation process during more than five hundred years that started with the existence of a Nasrid house, continued in the sixteenth-century with the construction of the “Admiral’s house” and was gradually added onto until the twentieth-century. Finally it was a monumental building, occupying an entire city block and overwhelming the small scale of its surroundings. The compound’s structure was adequate to house Granada’s new Architecture School; however an intervention was required to clarify the unity of the complex, not in a stylistic sense, but as an exercise in integration. In this heterogeneous composite there are elements that have specific architectural values together with others that have none. This intervention hopes that the tension generated between authentic elements from the past and new elements from the present will impregnate the rest in a way that helps the whole finally discover an architectural destiny. In this new phase the construction is the catalyzing agent of a new “whole”, recognizing the materiality of each era and the light as the basic integrating principles of the historic process.


Granada school of architecture

Campo del Príncipe s/n, Granada, España

Víctor López Cotelo

Project team:
Project manager: Pedro Morales Falmouth (first phase), Juan Uribarri Sánchez-Marco (second phase) | Construction supervision: Flora López-Cotelo, Isabel Mira Pueo, Rafael Medina Iglesias, Elena Lucio Bello, Francisco García Toribio. | Design team: Juan Manuel Vargas Funes, Jesús de la Fuente Moreno, Francisco García Toribio, Álvaro Guerrero Aragoneses, Flora López-Cotelo, Rafael Medina Iglesias, Isabel Mira Pueo, Pedro Morales Falmouth, Jesús Placencia Porrero, Ana Torres Solana, Juan Uribarri Sánchez-Marco, Frank Furrer, César Leal. | Restoration: Kika Martín and Irene Orueta. | Structural design: José María Fernández. Civil Engineer. Proyectos de Ingeniería y Arquitectura S.L. | Mechanical engineers: J.G. Ingenieros. Axonometría: écheocai co.

13.785,47 m2

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