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La Biennale di Venezia
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Perimeter building surrounding the Temple of Diana

José María Sánchez García

Perimeter building surrounding the Temple of Diana
José María Sánchez García

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S: Totale

This project reclaims and redefines the area surrounding the Temple of Diana in Merida, which was the ancient forum, or centre, of the Roman city. Working together with the team of archaeologists a set of rules and guidelines for intervention were defined, which helped develop syntax for the project capable of absorbing the irregularities and modifications uncovered by the archaeological excavations.
To restore the outline of the Roman space, a perimeter structure was built along the edge of the site. This permits the recovery of the open plaza that existed in the Roman era, while respecting the archaeological elements that defined the ancient sacred space. The design takes the form of an “L” that stitches together the limit with the current city fabric and liberates a large area around the temple. Therefore, more than a building, the project is a structure that is capable of generating a new urban stratum, filled with program. At the same time, the structure casts a long shadow over the plaza.


Perimeter building surrounding the Temple of Diana

C/Romero Leal y C/ Santa Catalina. Mérida (España)

José María Sánchez García

Enrique García-Margallo Solo de Zaldivar, Rafael Fernández Caparros, Daniel González Guerrero,Maribel Torres Gómez, Laura Rojo Valdivielso, Mariló Sánchez García, Marta Cabezón López, Mafalda Ambrósio, Francisco Sánchez García, José García-Margallo, Carmen Leticia Huerta, Julia Ternström; Technical architects: Ángel García Blázquez, Fernando Benito Fernández Cabello; Structural design: CDE ingenieros, GOGAITE; Mechanical engineering: Aro consultores

2158,19 m2

José Hevia