Biennale Architettura 2016
La Biennale di Venezia
Pabellón español
Spanish pavilion

Matadero Madrid. Building 8b

Arturo Franco

Matadero Madrid. Building 8b
Arturo Franco

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In Building 8 B, a small building within the former slaughterhouse complex in Madrid, the clay roof tiles have been removed from a roof that needed to be replaced and stacked up inside of the space to solve a problem. Building 8 B is programmed to be an administrative space, with a small work space, a storage area and a multipurpose space for talks or presentations. It is a small building, but spatially very interesting. This intervention aims to respect a valid spatial configuration, with no adulteration. It is a test. This project retraces some paths that were taken, trying to find meeting points. The inert industrial elements are understood differently, decontextualized and installed with the unpredictability of manual labour. The tiles are used in another way. This project tries to understand architecture as an intellectual, cultural and ethical experience.


Matadero Madrid. Building 8b

C/ Paseo de la Chopera, 14. Matadero Madrid. 28045. Madrid

Arturo Franco

Project team:
Architects: Yolanda Ferrero, Diego Castellanos; Technical architect: Jose H. Largo Díaz; Structures: Juan Rey, Mecanismo SL.

1000 m2

Carlos Fernández Piñar