Biennale Architettura 2016
La Biennale di Venezia
Pabellón español
Spanish pavilion

80 houses in Salou

Toni Gironès

80 houses in Salou
Toni Gironès

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Set out as a new urban pattern overlaid onto the existing agricultural layout, the new place originated with large lots containing free-standing buildings, arranged orthogonally.
The project proposes a fabric with various scales of intervention, with a program for social housing that develops its relationship properties, constructing an architecture understood as a support and closely related to the users’ reality.
At the same time, the entry areas and the community spaces are designed as places for relaxation in the intermediate areas between the apartments and the exterior space.
The apartments have two opposite orientations and have a transversal sequence of spaces: breezeway, apartment and terrace, which lends them versatility and the capacity for adaptation linked to use and climatic circumstances. The proposal is built with simple, low-cost and low-maintenance materials, but carefully detailed and built.


80 houses in Salou

Sector 5 Emprius-sud, Salou. Tarragona

Toni Gironés

Project team:
Technical architects: Brufau i Cusó S.L.P. Structure engineering: Xavier Saura (ORPA S.A.)

8672 m2

José Hevia